Important Note: All of the following vintages are currently available from Veritas. They were specially disgorged for Veritas by the winemaker in December, 1998, and directly imported by us into the United States in temperature-controlled containers. They are being stored under ideal conditions.

1975 Clos des Goisses
Michel Bettane selected this the top Clos des Goisses in a recent tasting in Revue du Vin de France (Jan. 1999). Awarding the wine 96/100, Richard Juhlin observed its perfect balance: “…all the mature and great elements are already quite obvious, while the young...aromas are still around.” Tom Stevenson awarded the ‘75 his top score (***): “Pure fruit. Delightful to drink now… I would have to taste this side by side with the 1966, ‘64, ‘61 and ‘59 to decide which is best…”2000 Champagnes.

1976 Clos des Goisses
According to Tom Stevenson, who bestowed his top accolade (***), this vintage “consis-tently proved itself to be one of the greatest vintages of Clos des Goisses. With seductive aromas and toast aromas, but all ripe fruit on the palate, there is still a way to go before it enters its third and final stage of true complexity. Heaps of finesse.” World Encyclopedia of Champagne.

1979 Clos des Goisses
“ What a brilliant wine! The nose is extremely broad, with a flowery, youthful element and a nutty, older, more serious style. As it warms up in the glass, it is dominated by hazelnuts and honeysuckle. The flavor is deep as the ocean floor and thrillingly invigorating.” 96/100 Richard Juhlin.

1980 Clos des Goisses
Tom Stevenson considers this “one of the three best 1980 vintages made in Champagne.” The wine also pleased Michel Bettane: “Golden color… heavenly nose punctuated with hints of tobacco. Beautifully made with a full, rich midpalate.”

1982 Clos des Goisses
Entranced by its “peacock’s tail of flavours,” Juhlin awards the ‘82 a 94/100. Another fan of Clos des Goisses, Serena Sutcliffe, hailed the wine’s “lovely blossomy bouquet and ultra-fine flavour.”

1983 Clos des Goisses
“ A fascinating wine where the nose hints at old champagne while the flavour is still very young. The bouquet is rich in chocolate, smoky and nutty. On the palate, the attack is fresh and the fruit is youth itself. Long, long aftertaste.” 95/100 Richard Juhlin.

1985 Clos des Goisses
Tom Stevenson is most enthusiastic over this wine, granting it his top honors (***): “…a huge, rich, deep flavor and slow building complexity.” Richard Juhlin concurs with a score of 96/100: “amazingly creamy fruit and the complex, intertwined, subtle spectrum of all clear champagne aromas.” Even The Wine Spectator, which more often than not overlooks Clos des Goisses, weighs in with a 92: “Bold and assertive, with great aromas of toast, nutmeg and walnut.”

Important Note: The following three vintages are also currently available from Veritas, having been acquired and imported by Veritas directly from Philipponnat or from a previous importer. They are being stored under ideal conditions.

1986 Clos des Goisses
Gold Medal Winner, 1998 International Wine Challenge; “The nose… had a broad, smoky, nutty, classical young Pinot bouquet. The flavor was extremely concentrated and rich. A cannonade of hazelnuts and chocolate met my palate, and the aftertaste was aristocratic. The wine easily coped with its company, a steak in morel sauce. A great wine.” 94/100 Richard Juhlin.

1988 Clos des Goisses
Another winner, according to Tom Stevenson, again bestowing his top (***) rating: “…a truly great Champagne… profoundly complex, utterly beguiling…” 92 Wine Spectator: “…very classy Champagne…” Top 100 Wines of the Year, 94/100, Wine Enthusiast. Gold Medal Winner, London Wine Trade Fair.

1989 Clos des Goisses
“ Fat aromas are contrasted by tight, elegant pineapple fruit on the palate. This cuvee has recently started to develop richness and give some hint of its eventual complexity.” Tom Stevenson.

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