1935 Domaine d'Escoubes (43°)
Fresh, vibrant nose, with pronounced floral tones scented with fresh vanilla. Layers of dried fruit and roasted almonds. Chewy tanins from toasted oak, still pungent and faintly sweet. The finish is long, mellow and smooth. Cf. Frédéric Lebel. L'Esprit de l'Armagnac (1998).

1942 Domaine de Jaurrey (45°)
Complex and attractive nose, redolent of prune, vanilla, leather and cinnamon. Against the palate, the Armagnac is elegant, full-bodied, and rich, with a subtle suggestion of fresh maple syrup. Displays well-integrated and buttery tannins, along with incredible length. Cf. Frédéric Lebel. L'Esprit de l'Armagnac (1998).

1962 Domaine du Pillon (44°)
Offers extraordinarily complex aromatics that evolve slowly in the glass to reveal lime-tea, chamomile, stewed fruit, rare spices, and citrus zest. A subtle but fiery mid-palate is wholly integrated into the ample richness. The fruitiness increases on the finish, with emerging overtones of hot cocoa and roasted coffee. The lingering and superb bouquet represents the hallmark of an eau-de-vie of the highest rank. Revue du Vin de France.

1970 Domaine du Pillon (44°)
Rich and robust nose, floral-scented with defining structure of tobacco and cedar. Round and supple in the mouth, layered with ripe extracts of prune and fragrantly perfumed with exotic spices and licorice. Great length. Cf. Frédéric Lebel. L'Esprit de l'Armagnac (1998).

1976 Domaine de Jaurrey (46°)
Presents a classic nose of dried prunes, exotic spices, exquisitely expressed vanilla, and a hint of fine Madeira. The palate is one of gorgeous balance and rich roundness, against a subtle backdrop of well-aged wood, with complex aromatics that last through the sustained finish. Revue du Vin de France.

1979 Domaine de Jaurrey (46°)
Boasts youthful aromas, with a promise of rounded and exquisite richness. It displays intense fruit flavors, including essences of fresh quince and plum.

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